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This article, published in 1965, recounts the importance the Gulzarilal Nanda government gave to peripheral priorities like renaming roads whereas slum development or electricity breakdowns received no attention. This isn't restricted to any particular government though--it speaks even to the dispensation of the day.

Connecting Wildlife Corridors

Tigers from Ranthambhore National Park move through degraded and fragmented forest patches and agricultural fields to reach Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary and Madhav National Park—two of the most important corridors in the Western India Tiger Landscape. We present the challenges and possible solutions to mitigate threats for these corridors, often overlooked in favour of larger sanctuaries and forest areas.

What Vadodara's Slum Displacement Reveals

The demolition and displacement of two major slums in Vadodara has revealed that little, if any, of the pervasive communal politics has changed in Gujarat. This coupled with anti-poor policies of the state have ensured that poor Muslims are denied the right to housing in most urban areas of Gujarat.

Who Gains from Parliamentary Disruptions?

Parliamentary disruptions have stalled several important policy decisions over the last few years. Instead of going the ordinance route, the government should rethink how changes can be implemented in the functioning of the Parliament and the role of the Opposition in bringing about those changes.

Questioning Adequate Compensation for Land

Can there be a better way to frame land acquisition in favour of farmers? Perhaps the value of land needs to be fixed at intervals and projected in a five year step.

Mourning for the Teacher

Behind the opulence of institutions and the grandstanding of politicians towards teachers lies the real truth—they are among the most undervalued professionals in India.

Housing for the Aged

A burgeoning elderly population looking for senior living institutions has led to the mushrooming of Old Age Homes (OAHs) not only in West Bengal but also in other states and union territories. The present study is an attempt to find out the growth and development of OAHs in rural West Bengal.

Questioning Excellence

The recent expulsion of 73 students by IIT Roorkee and the subsequent decision to allow re-examination following the orders of the Uttarakhand High Court has ramifications far beyond the ambit of education—almost all of these students belong to the reserved categories. Can one take away in the name of autonomy and merit what one gives in the name of social justice?

Some Issues of Muslim Religious Schools in India

“ Modernisation” of Madrassas has become a regular catch-phrase for governments, yet there has been negligence in meeting the educational needs of the Muslim minority. It is high time that Muslim institutions and intellectuals come together to work out Madrassa modernisation which meets the needs of the community.

Political Turmoil in Mizoram

The seemingly intractable Hmar question in Mizoram has erupted again with the resuming of violent clashes between HPC (D) and the state government. Sporadic violence is becoming the norm in the state with the latest being the killing of three policemen by the Hmar militant outfits. Rather than looking at the logic of the struggle, the state government prefers to reply to such dissent through the use of force.

Bodoland Territorial Area District Elections 2015

The Bodoland Territorial Area District elections this time has seen votes getting split between multiple parties. Will the Bodoland People’s Front, who have been allegedly involved in violence earlier, able to bring peace in the region?

The Man Who Returned

The state betrayed Yakub Memon, a man who maintained his decision to surrender and cooperate with investigative authorities till the very end.


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