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Builder of the Bridge of Dreams

Govind Purushottam Deshpande (1938-2013), more popularly known as GPD, feared nobody, certainly not sacred cows. He was a socialist, a scholar in China Studies, Sanskrit and Marathi, a poet and a playwright, and taught history, politics, and foreign policy. GoPu, as he was known in the Marathi world, also wrote on the contesting ideas that constitute the modern Marathi intellectual universe. Four of his contemporaries write about the EPW columnist, classical music lover and witty conversationalist.

The Political in GPD's Plays

Talking the Political Culturally is the title GPD chose for the last collection of his essays (Kolkata: Thema, 2009). When he chose to bring the dynamics of politics itself and the distinctive persona of the politician or political activist to the centre of his “political plays”, rather than the...

GoPu and the Marathi Intellectual World

Govind Purushottam Deshpande enjoyed multiple identities – literally. In the professional academic world of Delhi where he made his career, he was always known as GPD (and this is also how he is known to readers of his EPW columns); and in the Marathi world, both of theatre and ideas, he was known...

That Diminutive Man, What Intellectual Prowess

The memory tends to be a bit blurred. It was some time in the mid-1960s, Manik, the niece of a very close and respected friend, introduced me to a research scholar at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), Govind Deshpande. Manik, whose formal name was Kalindi, and Govind soon got married. As...
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