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Chasing the Wrong Hare

 rity with various capital and consumer goods would induce people to work harder and to save and invest mare to augment their incomes. Initially 150 districts could be covered in the first five years, Within a decade it should be possible to cover all Districts, Nationalised banks thus could perform the role which banks played in European industrialisation during the nineteenth century. Reconstructed on the above lines they could prove effective catalytic agents for widespread, broadbased development effort spread all over the country.

Production Outpaces Demand

primary credit societies running at a loss increased continuously over the Third Plan. During 1965-66 alone, the number of societies earning profit declined by 7,559. In consequence, their aggregate profits also declined from crores in 1965-66.

Decline in Prices and Exports

 and programmes. For instance, India is deficient in petroleum crude which it buys against hard currency. It can procure crude from Indonesia against rupee payment or on barter against iron and steel. Likewise, the essential requirements of coal in Burma, Ceylon and Malaysia could be underwritten by India against its requirements of rubber and tin.

In Good Cheer

for the total of kharif and rabi procurement would be easier if, as expected, water is released from the Nagarjunasagar reservoir into the Krishna delta for the rabi crop. Furthermore, the acreage under the rabi crop can be substantially increased at least by next year if the controvert over the installation of crest gates in the Nagarjunasagar dam is satisfactorily resolved with the Maharashtra and Mysore Governments.

Quality in Danger

Quality in Danger Lelanipunan DEVALUATION of sterling by 14.3 per cent and the subsequent devaluation of the Ceylon rupee by 20 per cent have adversely affected the export market for Indian teas.
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