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The Idea of ‘Atmanirbhar’ India

The central government’s idea of “Atmanirbhar” India is more instrumental than substantive.

Who Loves a Labour Law Ordinance?

State governments’ labour law ordinances tend to barter labour rights for business interests.

Living with Covid-19

The limits of lockdown are coterminous with the limits of the states’ planning and its implementation.

COVID-19 and National Disaster Management Act

The lack of a clear legal framework to deal with epidemics leads to confusion between the centre and the states.

​Ameliorating Rural Distress

Expansion of the scope and coverage of social safety nets to support livelihoods is the need of the hour.

Undemocratic Evasion of Environmental Responsibility

The draft Environment Impact Assessment Notification is an affront to the environment and to democratic processes.

Rescuing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Monetary and fiscal measures are needed to help MSMEs withstand the exogenous shock due to the lockdown.

A Robust Media

The COVID-19 pandemic poses serious questions about newsroom practices and for media companies.

Civil Society during Lockdown

Civil society leverage, though transitory, works as a breather for the governments and the businesses.

Plight of the Stranded Workers

India’s urban economies depend on migrant labour who should not be treated like “problems” during a lockdown.

Indian Federalism and COVID-19

Following the principle of fairness to regulate centre–state relations during a crisis becomes urgent.


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