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Are Sewer Deaths the New Normal?

Widespread mechanisation of sewer cleaning can prevent human beings from stepping into the death chamber.

When Fuel Is on Fire

More than global oil prices, it is distortionary policies that make consumers pay through the nose.

Is Inclusive Hindutva a Common Good?

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s claim of an inclusive Hindutva is more ephemeral than real.

Legalising Sexualities in a Patriarchal State

The 377 judgment is a massive step forward, but society has to unlearn gender roles for it to be meaningful.

Revealing the Demonetisation Debacle

RBI’ s recent estimates of returned specified bank notes spill the beans about the efficacy of the note ban.

Politics of Naming the ‘Naxal’

Action against intellectuals/activists by the state is procedurally flawed and morally humiliating.


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