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The Missing Minaret of Jama Masjid

In Agra’s Jama Masjid, a missing minaret tells a story of the unequal heritage of monuments.

In a Sorry State

Politics will determine whether nations end up apologising for historical wrongs, but the philosophical questions underlying the issue have no easy answers.

The Glorious Paradoxes of Vinda Karandikar

This year marks the birth centenary of one of modern Marathi literature’s most important poets, in whose work we find Gandhi jousting with Freud, Marx, Russell and Savarkar.

Matrimony, Morals and the Monarchy

The impending royal wedding shows that the monarchy has come to terms with the changing times.

On and Off the Dais

A former teacher reflects on his experience of lecturing and pontificating in the classroom.

A Collective Effort

Two personal stories provide a window on how the self-help group community has advanced the lives of women.

Universal Beach

Can we draw a line connecting everything that moves us to a social movement for the annihilation of caste?

New Strains

Musicians have always moulded the tastes of listeners, but artistes such as T M Krishna are challenging the social compact between performers and their publics.

Shades of Grey

We need to go beyond stark dichotomies when discussing any art form, including Carnatic music.


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