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Shiva Lives in Rochester

A jogging professor of sociology experiences the power of Shiva atop Pinnacle Hill in New York.

Ways of Seeing

From mid-August to September, the road snaking out of our locality was transformed into a site of creativity. On a stretch of pavement, figures of the goddess Durga gradually took shape in the sure hands of artisans in anticipation of the Puja season – from basic bamboo structures to bodies of...

Dog Bites Tiger

The basic premise of conservation practice is to keep the wild and the domestic apart, or at least tightly monitored.

The Great Outdoors

The lure of the outdoors derives from an aesthetic of delicate balance and elegance in equilibrium.

Kindle a Love for Reading?

Isn’t it funny how meanings change and words get dressed in other clothes? Surely, no one uses “gay” today in the old Wordsworthian sense of the word? And you no longer talk of kindling an interest in a particular field or in the object of your affection. Today “Kindle” has come to mean a library...

Intelligent Devices

This summer I was tired of waking up in the middle of the night to switch off my air cooler. So I built myself an intelligent extension box that lets me use a remote to switch off the cooler from the comfort of my bed. I have no training in electronics. I don’t even own a soldering iron. Yet I...

Women in a Row

Some of the pioneer women rowers of India can be found in the Madras Boat Club.

Sneakers Torn, New Days Born

The difference between the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai is one of accessibility and ownership.


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