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Embracing the Ink Pen Again

A daughter rediscovers her love for ink pens as she honours her father’s memories and hopes for a plastic-free future.

The God Question

Looking for answers in Stephen Hawking’s last book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions

Not Even Crocodile Tears for Gujarat's Muggers

The manner in which we are overlooking how the mass relocation of crocodiles is taking place in Gujarat exposes our collective hypocrisies.

From Shahiri to Sahitya

Ambedkari Shahiri, in the form of sound and music, took the ideas of the anti-caste movement to the masses, paving the way for Dalit literature.

‘Beg to Humbly Pray’

The language of our courts is strange, archaic, and can lead to fostering inequity.

Of Stand-up Comedy and Stereotypes

Even though stand-up comedians claim to represent the interests of the young and the hip, they are still steeped in misogyny.

‘When Will There Be Good News?’

Making sense of the confusion and ambivalence women experience as they navigate the question of motherhood

Stree and Its Politics

Stree , the blockbuster horror film, has a political message at its core and speaks for women’s rights and consent eloquently.


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