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The Afrazul Killing Video as a Perfect Anti-Muslim Crime

The video with the killing of Mohammad Afrazul by Shambhunath Raigar in cold blood, without any immediate motivation or excuse, is a watershed moment in the new-age social-media-driven communal crime in India. Where all such hate crime shared on social media, especially lynchings, builds an ever-present sense of fear for the Muslim, this video does away with all padding, any semblance of rationale, the use of passion as motivator, and mob as executive. This is a radical break from the past where the Hindu right felt a need to justify itself even to the rest of the country.

Islam and the West

Riaz Ahmad’s article, “Reconciling Hegemony and Mutual Respect: Obama’s Muslim Outreach” (EPW, 29 August 2009), seems to be a thorough critique and a very close scrutiny of the textual evidence, to tease out the political subtexts, and ramifications for the world in general, and Muslims in...
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