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Green Revolution and Agricultural Employment and Incomes in Western UP

While the new agricultural technology has significantly increased foodgrains production, relatively little is known about its potential impact on agricultural employment and incomes.

Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Tenancy (Amendment) Act, 1970-A Critical Review

This paper attempts to critically examine the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Tenancy (Amendment) Act, 1970 and analyse the conditions necessary for the success of the Act in the light of studies relating to the implementation of the Andhra Tenancy Act, 1956.

A Place for Co-operative Farming

Richard Lerner If Indian agriculture is to be made a more rationally planned enterprise and the cultivators are to have the greatest possible understanding and control of their own destinies, then indeed collective farming should be considered the ideal pattern of organisation. Joint co-operative farms are a close second as far as social justice is concerned, but they frequently have the weakness of tending to perpetuate economic differences among members.

SOUTH-Reality and Illusion

 past experience, its chances should not be rated high. Much of the emotional appeal of the two parties rests, for instance, on their stands on the place of the Hindi and Punjabi languages respectively. Any watering down of their positions by either of them, which is implicit in any experiment in coalition, would rob them of much of their raison detre in Punjab politics.

Nitrogen Response of Rice 1968 AICRIP Trials

Robert W Herdt The "New Strategy'' of agricultural development places considerable reliance on concentrating the scarce resources of fertiliser and irrigation in those regions and on those crops where the return will be the greatest.

Helping the Small Farmer

Green Revolution and Employment and Incomes Jan R Wills Seeds of Development in a Delhi Village Brian Lockwood T K Moulik Agricultural Wages James W Gough A Place for Co-operative Farming Richard Lerner Nitrogen Response of Rice Robert W Herdt Dilemma of State Tube Wells John W Mellor T V Moorti Andhra Pradesh Tenancy Act; 1970 G Parthasarathy K Suryanarayana Raju Review of Agriculture is published four times a year, on the last Saturday of March, June, September and December.

Dilemma of State Tube Wells

In the area studied in western Uttar Pradesh the capital cost of state tube wells is seven and a half times as high per unit of pumping capacity as that of the private tube wells. There is thus economic pressure to spread out the overhead costs by achieving high rates of utilisation. State tube wells operate much closer to engineering capacity than do the private tube wells. They pump twice the volume of water and irrigate three times the hectarage per unit of pumping capacity of the private tube wells. Rut such rates result in increased breakdowns and the consequent unreliability of water supplies.

Agricultural Wages in Punjab and Haryana-A Note

The evidence of this paper indicates with some degree of certainty that in Punjab and Haryana the growth rate of real agricultural wages is rising and that this rise is associated with the Green Revolution.

Considerations in Designing Management Control Systems

Management involves both planning and control, because, without the benchmark developed out of the planning process, no effective control can take place. The management control process may be use* fully viewed, therefore, in terms of two substreams

Industrial Waste and Quality of Environment-A Problem for Management

While the technical aspects of pollution of the human environment by industrial wastes have re- ceived considerable attention, the management angle of it has not been considered in sufficient depth.

Investment Planning for Petroleum Industry-Preliminary Results of an Optimising Exercise

Demand for petroleum products is expected to increase sizeably by 1975. To meet this demand indigenously, significant investments in the petroleum industry have been planned and their locations have been settled.

Not by Finance

Vent, Not Scheme B L Maheshwari Micro Planning Samuel Paul Designing Control Systems S K Bhattacharyya Performance Budgeting U K Kohli Investment Planning in Petroleum Ramesh K Bhatia Shiv K Khetan Management of Industrial Waste Sudhir Deshpande Generational Conflict in Management J S Gandhi Myths in Management Ishwar Dayal Labour Commitment N R Sheth Review of Management is published four times a year, on the last Saturday of February, May, August and November.


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