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Whistle-blowing in the Wind

Only the small nations of Latin America, committed to “Socialism of the 21 st century”, stand up to the might of the United States, by offering to provide asylum to whistleblower Edward Snowden. The rest of the world’s state establishments show their inability to defy the US despite great sympathy for Snowden among their citizens (including within the US).

DU Undergraduate Reforms: Prospects or Lost Opportunity?

The Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) in the Delhi University is not well thought out and arrived at, unlike other reform attempts in curricular implementation such as the institution of the BElEd programme some years ago. Issues such as employability remain unaddressed in the FYUP and this could cause unrest and dismay among students and stakeholders.

A Land Acquisition Bill With Many Faultlines

The much revised and much delayed Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettelment Bill is expected to be debated in Parliament in the Monsoon Session. There are, however, many problems with the Bill as it now stands. Can they be addressed?

The Crisis is Upon Us

On 19 May in Kaithal, the Haryana police and government let loose brutal violence and repression against workers and their families led by the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union. The might of corporate India with the government as its agent was on full display even as the corporate media chose to ignore the entire episode.

Nitish Kumar's Honourable Exit: A brief history of caste politics

Nitish Kumar’s exit from the NDA maybe an honourable one, but he will have to shed his neoliberal “developmentalist” leanings if he wants to fight the feudal and communal forces that have taken root in Bihar. This article presents a brief history of the politics in Bihar that have led to this break between Nitish Kumar and the BJP-led NDA.

Mandela is very much with us!

The illness of Nelson Mandela has been turned, by South Africa’s media and politicians, into a spectacle of his “macabrely anticipated absence”. In such a context, a historian and anti-apartheid activist underlines the rich legacyof Mandela’s intellectual and political ideas and their continued relevance in the on-going struggle for a just South Africa.

The Coal Saga: the Imminent and the Feasible

It is no longer possible to have a coal sector that is not updated to the needs of the times. Can we make changes that through rules, and given the constraints, minimise the discretion of personalities and carry us towards a more respectable outcome? Here are some proposals.

"A True Lahori"

Together, all his works show the novelist Mohsin Hamid trying to engage the uneasy dialectic between Pakistan as a place, as a lived experience, and Pakistan as a node in a larger global discourse. Mira Nair, who adapts Hamid’s Reluctant Fundamentalist into film, reaches an aesthetic limitation in her representation of Lahore and replaces the possibilities in that urban space with an intense regionalism that revives culture outside of either colonialism, securitarianism, or the nation-state.

The Standing Man of Turkey

The upsurge of protest in Turkey is not the result of any deep-rooted conspiracy or a few miscreants letting loose their animal spirits, as the government would have it. Rather, it is a spontaneous outburst of anger from ordinary people who have borne the brunt of the Erdogan administration’s neoliberal growth model for the last decade.

The Bhullar Judgement Needs Reconsideration

The proactive role of the executive and major political parties in subverting the principles of clemency and in hastening the execution of capital punishment for a couple of convicts recently will only enhance following the Devinder Singh Bhullar judgment which has a populist, majoritarian tone.

The Old and the New in Naya Pakistan

The victory of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's party, the geographically fragmented verdict, the lack of a clear ideological distinction between the political parties in the fray and the poor showing of progressive, left wing forces – suggest that there are part things “new” and part things “old” in Pakistani politics following the election results in 2013.

Delhi University and the Crisis in India's Higher Education

The Four Year Undergraduate Programme at Delhi University will aggravate the problems of higher education that are so visible in DU and that it is supposed to solve. Delaying specialisation till the students have found their interest is good but this is a process that has to start during school education.


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