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Foundation for the Dreams

In six months, the new capital region in Andhra Pradesh seems to have picked up a frenetic pace in infrastructure development. While speculation over land seems to have ebbed, the changing pattern of life based on the financial promises of an industrial–administrative complex is visible. This is the third instalment in a series of photo essays on Andhra Pradesh’s new capital region. The other two essays are here and here .

Privatising Healthcare in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan government has planned to hand over its public health centres to private operators through a process of bidding. However this will have a debilitating effect on the inadequate and under-resourced public healthcare system in the state.

Changes in Electronic Waste Management

The proposed changes to the electronic waste management rules will address the issue of multiple stakeholders and responsibility of producers. But issues of implementation as well as regulatory frameworks are yet to be addressed in the new rules.

Waste is Yours and Mine

Waste is one of the few things urban dwellers—rich and poor—have left in common. Through a theoretical exploration of waste and its implications, the author proposes how our politics and practice with regard to waste can come together.

Ahimsa at Odds

Propagating ahimsa, while permitting structural violence, suggests ethical blindness for individuals and an absence of an enlightened vision for society. India needs to move from a narrow concept of ahimsa to a broader vision, which renounces structural violence.

Patidar Anamat Andolan

The Patels in Gujarat are reinventing their social identity to address the plight of their aspiring youth. This article traces the trajectory of their agitation and inquires into the reasons behind their protests even after coming from a position of relative social and economic privilege.

Going Beyond Harassment

The police may have arrested the man who harassed journalists of Khabar Lahariya for over three months but that is only half the battle won. In this article, the journalists share the everyday challenges in a deeply misogynist and casteist society. It is easier to crack one case than to combat the widely-held bias against them as reporters, who happen to be women.

Dissenting Voices from the Margins

The ongoing construction of Mapithel or Maphou Dam along the Thoubal River in Ukhrul district, Manipur has several adverse consequences for the local population as well as the environment.

Flip-flops in Police Investigation

An analysis of some investigative loopholes in the 7/11 Mumbai train blasts case adds weight to the growing voices that suggest that the accused may have been framed.

Id-Ul-Zuha and Slaughter of Animals

The Maharashtra government’s proactive stance on banning slaughter of bulls and bullocks reveals that they are playing to the communal mindset of their voters and destroying the tolerant spirit of Indian democracy.

Untouchability in Kudalmanikyam Temple?

Blocking a motorable road in Kudalmanikyam temple under the garb of “purity” shows the limitations of the famed Kerala model of development. Unexpected reinvention of untouchability, an antiquated model of cruelty, is slowly emerging from the veneer of this model.


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