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Chilcot Report and How Democracy Actually Works in the West

The Chilcot report shows that democratic governance is about selling decisions made by a small coterie of men in suits in international corridors of power to the state and the nation. The report stops short of attributing intentional wrongdoing to Tony Blair.

Source of the rivers, scams of the rulers

Two-thirds of Maharashtra’s cane is grown in drought-prone regions. As for the sugar factories, “Please don’t call them that,” Mande grumbles. “They are MLA factories – that’s what they produce.”

The Sacred Waters of a Tanker

Rampant deforestation, extensive damming of the rivers, huge diversions of water for industrial projects and even elite resorts can be seen across the state. All these underlie Maharashtra’s terrible water crisis. They won’t get washed away by the monsoon, even if media coverage of it dries up with the onset of the rains.

Students Lampooned and the Bihar Board Lurks

If the state board had credible information about the mass use of unfair means in the examination conducted by it, why didn’t it cancel the same and reconduct the entire examination? Instead, it chose the convenient way out of reviewing and humiliating the candidates, shirking its own accountability and failure.

Right, Left and Right: From Great Britain to Little England, via Brexit

The Brexit referendum was called effectively to settle an inner-party struggle within the conservative Tory party. The struggle in the Tory party signifies deep divisions within the ruling elite and the state. The Brexit vote and the victory of the nationalist strand in Toryism present the spectre of disintegration of the United Kingdom.

UK Spirals Into Political Crisis After EU Vote

The leave side of the Brexit referendum had no coherent proposal or description of what sort of future relationship with the EU, the UK would have. This lack of clarity has led to many banks and other financial organisations looking to move staff and operations elsewhere in the EU.

Peasants Battle Cry for Land in Punjab

On the basis of several reports, a team was sent to investigate the alleged repression unleashed by district authorities on the movement by Dalit peasants.

A Journalist and a Gentleman: Inder Malhotra (1930-2016)

Veteran journalist, political commentator and author Inder Malhotra who passed away on 11 June refused to present himself as a crusader. In a long and distinguished career, however, his commitment to journalistic ethics was exemplary. As a quintessential reporter, he had a vast network of contacts but his work remained fearless and unbiased

De-ploughing the “Rural"

Why does data about increasing rural consumption shock us? Urban imagination sees the rural as a static, timeless domain where people are bare-minimalists lacking in ambition, agency or entrepreneurship. However, even if agriculture is declining, the rural isn’t. The rural is getting reconstituted amidst this confusion with ambivalent trends.

The Benz and the Banjara

Tractor loans at 15.9 per cent trapped Aurangabad farmers like Hirabai in debt. But Mercedes Benz loans in Aurangabad were going for 7 per cent at the same time. Yet, sales of both were seen as rural progress

Scavenging for the State

A study of sewage workers and toilet cleaners employed with the Pune Municipal Corporation shows how solid waste management is narrowly focused on dry latrine cleaning. One needs to urgently reform solid waste management system and improve the working conditions of people who are employed in cleaning our cities.

The She in Science

Who and where are the women doing science in India? Two science writers set out on a journey to collect stories that counter the popular narrative of science being the domain of old bearded men.


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