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Grow your own food!

Urban farming – providing the urban poor with possibilities of growing their own food – is a viable way to improve hunger conditions in cities.

Tales in search of listeners

This essay concerns two tales, narrated by two different people -- one a Sikh and the other a Muslim -- about the perpetrators of genocidal violence in east Punjab in 1947. The first telling dates to January 2003, when I was returning to Delhi from three hectic days at the Asian Social Forum in...

Price Stickiness and Exchange Rate Pass-Through

A study of prices over time of a very narrow class of products sold by an online retail firm suggests that the actual price-setting behaviour of a firm is much more complex than what contemporary macroeconomic models are willing to concede.

Religious tolerance under scrutiny in Sri Lanka

The recent attack led by Buddhist monks on the Khairya Jumma mosque located in the so-called “sacred zone” of the Dambulla rock temple in the central province is important even though it did not develop into a larger scale clash between the Buddhist and Muslim communities of Sri Lanka. The Dambulla...

La vie en rose? François Hollande and the French

The expectations are high: after all, François Hollande is France's first socialist president since François Mitterrand left office in 1995. But the new president is likely to find the French electorate as much of a challenge as the continuing Eurozone crisis.

Bathani-Tola II - Miscarriage of Justice

Bihar is now ruled by a government which claims to be delivering “development with justice”. The massacres have apparently stopped and in May 2010, the district court in Ara convicted 23 people for the massacre in Bathani Tola, awarding death penalty to three and life sentence to the rest.

Cartoons, Textbooks and Politics of Pedagogy

The outrage in Parliament over the Shankar cartoon and the NCERT textbooks is one born out of a misrecognition of the visual content of the cartoon and a peculiar reading of the pedagogical intent of these well crafted books. It is useful to look at this outrage in the context of the new critical scholarship and struggles that emerged following the appalling textbooks introduced by the NDA regime in its earlier tenures.


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