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Needed: A 'Tehelkaa' in Tehelka

Amongst other things, the Tarun Tejpal imbroglio highlights the incompetence or unwillingness of organisations to deal with sexual harassment cases at workplace in the letter and spirit of the Vishaka guidelines. However, the committees set up according to these guidelines should not always be conceptualised as a redressal mechanism that is “alternative” to the law.

The Court, the Sting, and the Snoops: Where does Justice Figure in All This?

When powerful men sexually harass women, and the state machinery violates their privacy, the demands for the right to unimpaired systems of redressal and to that of gender justice have to be made more vociferously.

Internet in the Age of Mass-Surveillance: The Domestic Dimension

In the wake of the shocking revelations about the covert cyber-surveillance programme PRISM, run by the National Security Agency of the United States, the time is ripe for an evaluation of the current debates on digital rights and privacy and internet governance in India.

The Tragedy of Lampedusa - What to Do?

The travails faced by economic refugees from the developing world are a consequence of overpopulation and overburdening of ecological resources in their respective countries. Urgent steps are to be taken by their respective governments to avoid repeated tragedies faced by refugees as they seek to undertake difficult journeys to the developed world.

Untangling Telangana

Fears in Andhra Pradesh over the sharing of Krishna and Godavari waters, government jobs, personal safety, state assets and liabilities, and Article 371 (D) are for the most part not based on an awareness of the steps that can be taken to allay them. The ‘real’ conflict is over the way the division of the state and the position of Hyderabad will affect the power bases of the state’s two ruling castes, the Reddys and Kammas. The people, who only need peace and development, could do without this.

The Dutch Black Pete and the Hindu Karwa Chauth

Compelling arguments are put forward and intense efforts are made by people to justify certain regressive customs and festivities and somehow align them with the modern sensibilities of equality and humanism. A look at the tradition of Sinterklaas and Black Pete in the Netherlands and the much romanticised fast of Karwa Chauth observed by Hindu women in north India.

Gujarat: Patriarchy Revisited - A Dress Code for Teachers

Instead of focusing on the educational infrastructure and cultivating the right educational atmosphere in the state, the Gujarat government, absurdly, is trying to enforce a dress code for women teachers. The move is an attempt to control women’s sexuality, while at the same time it impinges upon the personal freedom to dress according to one’s faith.

Rebuilding the Post-War North

If the Tamil National Alliance, consisting of a hodgepodge of actors, is to steady its course after winning elections to the Northern Province in Sri Lanka, Tamil professionals, intellectuals and leaders of social organisations need to become vocal about the economic concerns of Tamil population and in that process give substance to Tamil aspirations.

Tripura's Tryst with Literacy

Tripura’s achievement in ensuring near full literacy is a consequence of initiatives taken at the level of governance, peoples’ participation and political will.

A short publication history of Bhagat Singh's Jail Notebook

A biographer of Bhagat Singh and a chronicler of his works, writes about the publication history of Bhagat Singh’s “Jail Notebook”. This article is being published, when reports have talked about the possible release of the Notebook “for the first time” by the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

The Death of a Hero and the Birth of a Revolution

Vietnam’s general Vo Nguyen Giap was popularly known as the “Red Napolean”. A pioneer of modern guerrilla warfare, his role in the Vietnamese armed forces stellar victories over the colonial militaries of Japan, France and the United States inspired millions in the global South in their own anti-colonial struggles. A tribute on his passing away.


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