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Defining the Social Responsibility of Businesses

If the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has to be implemented meaningfully by companies, then the stakeholders impacted by their business should also have a say in defining what constitutes their social responsibility. Just specification of the amount that corporates should spend and activities they should undertake to fulfil their CSR obligation by the government is not enough.

Flouting Safety Norms, Endangering Lives

Repeated industrial accidents at the Bhushan Steel and Power Company in Odisha reveal not only the company’s brazen disregard for human life and proclivity for flouting safety norms, but also the state government’s indifference to its transgressions.

Will the flow end?

A preliminary study in the Tarai region of Uttarakhand has revealed a depleting water flow in the artesian wells used for agricultural purposes, due to over exploitation of the aquifers. This coupled with deforestation, global warming and unpredictable weather patterns could damage an otherwise sustainable and eco-sensitive agricultural practice.

Tribals in Jharkhand: Religion and Identity Politics

The recent controversy among Christian and non-Christian tribals over the portrayal of Mother Mary (statue) in Singpur village in Dhurwa near Ranchi, if not solved amicably, could have far reaching consequences for the social harmony of Jharkhand.

Glaring Loopholes: Delhi Government's Guidelines for Rehabilitation/Resettlement of Slum-Dwellers

If the Aam Aadmi Party government wants to keep its promise to the slum-dwellers to resettle and rehabilitate them with dignity and humaneness, then it must act quickly to plug in the various loopholes and iron out the ambiguities present in the resettlement guidelines which were issued by the previous Delhi government in 2013.

Modernity and Godmen

Any amount of incriminating evidence does not seem to dither the followers and devotees of godmen, and they continue to invest their faith, trust and affection in them. The sociology of faith in a deeply divided and hierarchy/status-conscious society like ours needs deeper probing and public reasoning, even if this phenomenon looks beyond reason.

Folding the Tent: Kerala Circus Academy

Merely three years after it came into being, the Kerala Circus Academy, the first circus academy in the country set up by the government of Kerala, is on the verge of closure due to lack of vision. If the government is serious about reviving this dying entertainment form, then a more concerted effort will have to be made.

A Tragedy Unfolding

The continuing deaths of infants and children due to malnutrition in Attappady, the only tribal block in Kerala, reflects the state government’s apathy towards addressing issues germane to the tribals residing in the region.

Ruhr Mining Museum: An Institution of the Post-industrial Society

The advanced industrial society is a pioneer of industrial and mining museums. These museums aware us of our socio-emotional dislocation, which the people in the old industrial town experienced in the midst of shifting industrial geography, and equally educate us about the socio-environmental costs, which humankind has been confronted with. Here, the author shares his observations on the Ruhr Mining Museum (RMM), which he visited during his short sojourn at Essen in Germany in November 2013.

Fact Finding Report: Independent Inquiry into Muzaffarnagar "Riots"

A team of independent academics and a journalist carried out an inquiry into the communal violence that shook Muzaffarnagar district in UP this past September. The report (as a PDF) is based on the findings of the team during its visit to Muzaffarnagar district on the 9 and 10 November and again on 27 November.

No Rights to Live in the Forest

Victims of ill-conceived policies governing forest resources and environmental conservation, the Van Gujjars, a pastoral nomadic community residing in the Rajaji National Park, are struggling to get their forest rights and entitlements under the FRA Act, 2006.

Crusade Against Sand Mafia

Jazeera's struggle against the sand mafia of Kerala cannot be seen in isolation from her own fight to safeguard her children's as well as her own right to life as a marginalised citizen. In this, what Jazeera sets forth to achieve is uniquely embedded in individualism, yet her case for the protection of environment is universal.


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