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Bound Spaces: Of Papier Mâché Boxes and Legal Documents

As the tourist season begins anew, visitors to Kashmir will continue to consume things Kashmiri and things legal will continue to consume Kashmiris themselves. It would seem that while the attribution of a context of beauty to things comes easy, for things do not speak, the same cannot be said of Kashmiris, whose chorus for azadi reverberates in the streets every week.

Why Women’s Studies?

The dissolution of the Planning Commission and expiry of the Twelfth Plan has imperilled the futures of the centres for Women's Studies, and Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy across public universities in India. These centres were borne out of struggles for inclusion and continue to operate at the margins of the academic set-up. A critical appraisal of Women's Studies has been undertaken here to locate its relevance in contemporary times.

Construction of Gender Roles in Bengali Print Advertisement (2001–05)

Advertisement in globalised India has been a major area of discussion, producing a large debate on the depiction of gender roles in the media, both in print and audio-visual. This article explores how gender roles have been constructed in Bengali print advertisement from 2001–05, and locates the shifts in images, if any.

Raising the ‘Bar’ for India’s Power Sector

Two prominent infrastructure companies belonging to Adani Group and Tata Group had sought the assistance of electricity regulators to hike the rate at which they sold power to several state power utility and distribution companies. They claimed that compensatory tariffs to the tune of nearly ₹8,000 crore were due to them as they had to absorb an increase in the price of coal imported from Indonesia used to fuel their power plants. But this was denied to them by the Supreme Court.

How France Chose Macron: A Vote against the Extreme Right

Although Emmanuel Macron’s win is historic and unprecedented, given that three years ago he was a completely unknown quantity, a closer look at the results shows that a significant segment of the electorate was not entirely convinced either by his youth or by his image of a middle of the road, liberal moderniser. They voted not for him but to block the National Front.

A Misplaced Trial: Delhi Municipal Elections 2017

Aam Aadmi Party’s shift from the politics of spectacle into tangible politics did not bring quick rewards in the Delhi municipal elections, but AAP may hold promise yet. Local civic issues, including the track record of the Bharatiya Janata Party that was in office for two terms, took a backseat in these polls, obscured by the scale and intensity of BJP’s campaign around the popularity and policies of Modi, which simultaneously denigrated and delegitimised AAP. Even as AAP failed to match the BJP’s “Modi-momentum,” many among the poor appreciate AAP’s implementation of measures that affect their quality of life.

The Curious Case of Justice Karnan

The actions against Justice C S Karnan of the Calcutta High Court by the Supreme Court, since contempt proceedings were initiated against him, appear to be a case of misplaced importance. The case raises questions regarding the disciplinary authority of the apex court over individual judges and the range of contempt jurisdiction.

A 1,000-page Study on Unaccounted Incomes in India Which Has Not Been Made Public

Even as the government has launched a high-profile drive against black money, a 1,000-page study on unaccounted incomes in India has not been made public for a year now. Produced by the think-tank National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) at the instance of the UPA government in 2012, the report was submitted to the government about a year later. You can see the entire report here [This is a large file (272 mb) and may take time to download]

AAP has Decimated a Historic Mandate for Alternative Politics

The AAP stung by its recent series of electoral losses is politically pulverised and in a state of total denial that it decimated a historical mandate for alternative politics and lost a golden opportunity to position itself as the principal opposition to the BJP. AAP’s confrontational encounters and politics of antithesis have eroded their electoral base.

UGC and JNU: A Tale of Exception Told in Two Acts

The Jawaharlal Nehru University was conceived as a “different” university 52 years ago when a Bill on it was introduced in Parliament. By the early 1970s itself, it was clear that the University was fulfilling its objectives with 20% of its students drawn from the Scheduled Castes alone. Even today, the University is as rural as urban, has more women than men, with socially and economically backward students forming the overwhelming majority. It is also a place of excellence, not as conveyed by ranking systems, but by the value its research holds for its peers across the world.

The Rise of Vigilantism

Mashal Khan, a 23-year-old student of journalism at the Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, Pakistan, was shot dead and brutally lynched on campus on April 13 2017 after accussations of blasphemy.

A Memory Project Recreates How Residents of a Wildlife Sanctuary Remember their Forests

How do residents of protected areas relate to and remember their forests, and what are the changes they perceive over time? Protected areas like wildlife sanctuaries are mainly thought about in terms of biodiversity. There is little focus on the time and memory component of these areas. A writer and an illustrator record memories and re-create visual imagery of the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh.


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