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Advertisement Tariffs

Print Edition



Full page 23.5cms x 17.5cms Rs. 69,000/-
Centrespread/Doublespread 23.5cms x 36cms Rs. 1,31,000/-
10% extra for bleed  


Black and White

Full page 
23.5cms x 17.5cms
Rs. 46,000/-
23.5cms x 36cms
Rs. 87,400/-
Half page 
11.5cms x 17.5cms
Rs. 30,800/-
Quarter page
9cms x 11.5 ms
Rs. 18,400/-
Per column cm Rs. 4600/-



GST @5% extra for Print advts.



Digital / Web Edition


Creative size: 350pixels x 350 pixels
Rs. 46,000/-
(If taken along with print advt.) Rs. 27,600/-
Creative size: 90pixels x 728 pixels
Rs. 36,800/-
(If taken along with print advt.) Rs. 23,000/-
Creative size: 90 pixels x 350pixels
Rs. 27,600/-
(If taken along with print advt.) Rs. 18,400/-



GST @18% extra for Web advts.



Digital / Web Specifications

Creative Size in Pixels
Box: 350 x 350
Banner: 90 x 728
Spot: 90 x 350
Advertisements will be uploaded to the EPW websitein the above mentioned size only, any creative whichdoes not match the prescribed specification will be resized.

Advertisements will be displayed on the website for a periodof one month.


Advertisers to supply image in correct size in .jpg or .gif formatsor other similar web friendly formats, where link to an externalsite, please provide URL. In case of text advertisements material should be supplied in word format.



Following are the Special/Review issues.


1) Special issue on Money, Banking and Finance

2) Review of Women Studies

3) Review of Rural Affairs

4) Review of Urban Affairs

To know more about advertising in these Special/Review issues please email us.

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