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Advertisement Tariffs





      Full page                                                  Rs. 54,000

      Centrespread/Doublespread                       Rs. 90,000

      10% extra for bleed


Black and White

      Full page                                                  Rs. 36,000 (23.5 cms height x 17.5 cms width)

      Half page                                                 Rs. 20,700 (11.5 cms height x 17.5 cms width)

      Quarter page                                            Rs. 12,600 (9 cms height x 11.5 cms width)


      Centrespread/Doublespread                      Rs. 90,000

      Per column cm                                        Rs. 800


On all space contracts for a minimum of 6 full page insertions in a period of 12 months, a series discount of 15% would apply.


Review Issues

      1)   Review of Rural Affairs                                June and December

      2)   Review of Women Studies                          April and October

      3)   Special issue on Money, Banking                March 

            and Finance

      4)  Review of Urban Affairs                               July and November


The Review Issues are published on the last Saturday of the months indicated.


The Special Issues for the months of January, February, May, August and September

will be decided upon later.


Mechanical Details

      Printing process                               :  Offset

      Paper     1)  Cover                             :  Maplitho

                    2)  Inside                              :  Coated paper

      Paper size trimmed                          :  26.5 cms x 19.5 cms

      Print area                                          :  23.5 x 17.5 cms

                                                                     Centrespread/Doublespread 23.5 x 36cms

      Screen                                                :  Black & White - 100%

                                                                     Colour               - 120%

      Column width                                   :  5.5 cms

      Column height                                  :  23.5 cms

      Columns per page                            :  3

      Material accepted                            :  Soft copy in high resolution in pdf/jpeg/gif/tiff       

      Deadline for material                      :  15 days before date of  issue





Print & Website Advertisements (Premium with Print ads)

    Advertisers need to pay only the following additional rates for web insertions if they have taken a print advertisement


         Banner (82 x 660 pixels)                                                 Rs.  12,000/-   

         Spot (logo on the home page and text in the inside page)   Rs.  10,000/-   

         (logo size : 70 x 280 pixels)                                            



Only Website Advertisements

         Banner (82 x  660 pixels)                                                Rs.  30,000/- 

         Spot (logo on home page and text in the inside page)        Rs.  25,000/- 

                   (logo size : 70 x 280 pixels)                                                                                                 


*     Banner and Spot image advertisements will be displayed in all the pages including

      homepage of the website.

*     All the advertisements will be displayed on the website for a period of one month (30 days).

*     The advertisers will supply the image to be displayed in jpg. or gif formats or other

      similar web friendly formats.

*     The text in the word format only to be supplied by the advertiser in case of text advertisements.



Domestic - Book Advertisements

Special Rates for Book Advertisements


Full page


Half page

Rs.  7,500

Quarter page

Rs.  5,400

Per column cm

Rs.     300

Rates applicable for direct releases only.



Foreign - Print Advertisement Rates

Black and White

Full page

US$ 700

Half page

US$ 500

Quarter page

US$ 400


Foreign - Web rates, Premium with Print

Premium on Print rate

Banner (60 x 480 pixels)

US$ 200

Other (70 x 280 pixels)

US$ 150


Foreign - Web only

Banner (60 x 480 pixels)

US$ 350

Other (70 x 280 pixels)

US$ 300


Note: For Web Advertisements (Print Premium/Web only)

* Banner and Small image advertisements will be displayed in all the pages including homepage of the website.
* All the advertisements will be displayed on the website for 30 days.




Ms Kamal G Fanibanda

Advertisement Manager


Phone: 9820236636




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