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Unpacking Abu Ghraib: A Reading List on the Torture of Iraqi Civilians by the US Military

In 2004, images of the torture of Iraqi prisoners in the notorious prison of Abu Ghraib by American soldiers sent shockwaves through the world that such an exercise was carried out by the United States. A decade later, a detailed report on the exact techniques used to extract “intelligence” from Iraqi detainees was made public. Who is responsible for the torture? How did America get off the hook? And 17 years later, who remembers Abu Ghraib?

Japanese Occupation of Nicobar Islands

Primarily based on archival research, especially an unpublished diary of Nicobarese stalwart leader John Richardson, this article gives a glimpse of the sufferings that the Nicobarese endured under the Japanese colonial regime during World War II. The regime exposed the indigenes to war, slavery, torture, and executions. At the same time it engendered leadership in the Nicobar Islands which consolidated these historically isolated people into a community and ended their prolonged economic and sexual exploitation.

War Crimes : Issues of Morality

The circumstances governing the abrupt whisking away of Slobadan Milosevic in a NATO airplane from a prison in Belgrade to The Hague to stand trial in the International War Crimes Tribunal for Yugoslavia has opened a hornets’ nest. Clearly, in the context of a ban by the Yugoslav constitutional court and the Yugoslav president’s stand against the transfer, it seemed like an abduction with the complicity of the Serbian prime minister lured by the western blackmail of financial aid dependent on handover of Milosevic. Morality was given the goby by actors on both sides.

OnAsian Wars, Reparations, Reconciliation

The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan's Military Sexual Slavery offers a unique perspective for posing issues pertaining not only to Japanese war crimes, but also to those committed by other nations.

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