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A Population and Its Discontents: Grounding the Syrian Civil War in its Local Realities

With the civil war having brought back the nostalgia of Cold War politics, the situation in Syria has only been analysed and dissected with an international relations lens, distracting scholars and security experts alike from the actual underlying causes of the civil war— the domestic factors that led to the war, and which continue to fuel it till date.

Affirming the Syrian Revolution

Amidst the chaotic violence and the geopolitical stratagems emanating from Western powers as well as from regional forces, one should not forget that the Syrian crisis escalated from the emergence of a genuine social movement. What was once a call for revolution has translated into a grass roots, democratic and participatory governance system—operating in “liberated zones” across the country. Despite the current turmoil prevailing over their land, the Syrians are a resilient people and their efforts should serve as an inspiration to us all.

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