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Articles By Space

The Kashi Vishwanath Corridor

The paper places an incident of violent displacement of an iterant tea vendor, by the security of Varanasi’s Kashi Vishwanath Corridor, in Henri Lefebvre’s three-headed dialectic of the production of space. It traces the first two of the three heads of Lefebvre’s dialectic; the production of material reality (perceived space/spatial practices), the production of knowledge (conceived space/representations of space) and the production of meaning (lived space/spaces of representation). The continued proliferation of informal businesses at the corridor shows the limitations of the plans conceived by the state and the role of the dialectical conflict in the production of all three aspects of the space.

The Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Capitalist Landscape in India

The conceptual delineation of “spatial compression” in critical writings of Karl Marx and David Harvey is mapped to explain how contemporary capitalist practices use “time” creatively to overcome the spatial constraints to profit-making. The insights drawn from the discussions are used to examine the rapid expansion of Amazon India, primarily achieved through its network of warehouses—a spatial construct. Thus the tangible manifestations of restructuring time and space in the present-day capitalist landscape of India are analysed.

(Non)Humanising the Home in the Anthropocene

The concept of home is revisited in the context of the pandemic to ask whether we can think about other species and their habitats in the Anthropocene. By weaving instances from literature, where the idea of home has served as a critical philosophical and cathartic plot point, with phenomenological readings of home, this article asks how the pandemic may help us reimagine home in its many resonances of shelter, sanctuary, house, bunker, and community. How does the pandemic modify and have an impact on the various inflections of home?