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Articles By Soviet Union

Russia–Ukraine War and the Changing World Order

Geopolitical consequences in the aftermath of Russian agression against Ukraine have once again underscored that there is no alternative to common and collaborative security which is inclusive. The double standards in implementing human rights and se­lective wars of aggression on smaller states by great powers have led to a del­egitimisation of multilateral institutions and a world that is insecure for all.


Socialism Is Dead, Long Live Socialism

Faced with an existential economic and political crisis in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba launched reforms that were aimed at making its socialist system more sustainable. Self-managing cooperatives, which were to be independent of state control, started getting promoted as the preferred instruments for Cuba’s transition to 21st-century socialism. Drawing on fieldwork in Cuba and on secondary material, it is argued that these cooperatives have a fair chance of success, but that uncertainties exist, especially with respect to the project of “downsizing the state.”


Atrophy of Conscience

The Government which Indira Priyadarshini adorns, dependent as it is on American food and aid, feels that it can stir itself only up to a point. The moral problem which Vietnam poses is therefore pushed aside. Our Prime Minister cannot proceed beyond the cautious meanderings of early July, and even those were influenced by the extrashort term realpolitik of her visit to three countries of which two are non-aligned and the third belongs to the other bloc. In particular, the last country happened to be the Soviet Union, on which too we depend for the supply of victuals — military as well as economic. Before and since the visit, our official voice has been and is mute. Matter has triumphed over mind.