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National Textbooks for the Future?

We have been told how the sentiments of self-proclaimed religious leaders have been taken into consideration in rewriting school history textbooks. What is obvious is that the first casualty of this rewriting has been truth. Presumably these so-called religious leaders do not include the quest for truth in their agenda. Neither does the National Council of Educational Research and Training. The case of the Class XI book on ancient India authored by Makkhan Lal.

On Saffronisation of Education

It is usually believed by exponents of Hindutva that theirs is a bold revolt against western hegemony, but in fact it is an imperfect and slavish imitation of that hegemonic system, a caricature.

History of the Undoing of History

Despite the recent controversy that has dogged history writing in India, since ancient and even pre-modern times, patricians and rulers have used history for control as well as for moral/administrative education and entertainment. This apart, historians too have been guilty of focusing too much on empiricism rather than seeking to dwell on the nature and philosophy of history.

ICSSR: Beyond the Controversies

The Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) was not so much in the news for having completed three decades of its existence in July last year, as it has been since. So much so, that Partha S Ghosh, a senior director at the ICSSR and distinguished social scientist himself, was compelled to air his anguish in the EPW (February 17, 2001). Unfortunately, by giving the whole controversy a ‘saffronising’ twist, which seems to have misled the social science community and has been uncritically lapped up by prominent media personalities, the ICSSR chairman has made the confusion worse confounded.

Foiling the Saffron Design

This is with reference to Asghar Ali Engineer's article ('Communal Riots, 2000', January 27) that I read with great pain and disturbance. My childhood memories which witnessed Hindu-Sikh riots in 1984 were rekindled. Each incident that he narrated, held in itself a horrifying tale of atrocities and...
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