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Who Decides for Whom? A Reflection on Urban Biases in Planning Rural Programmes

Relieving patients of pain and other distressing symptoms during any phase of treatment—curative or otherwise—comprises palliative care. An opportunity to study the unmet need for palliative care in rural/tribal areas arose in the Nilgiris. However, the dominant condition requiring palliative care here turned out to be something rather unheard of in metro and tier-2 cities, and even in healthcare-planning circles: sickle cell disease.

Police Indifference

D Bandyopadhyay's incisive commentary ('Licence to Kill?', January 6) makes a thought-provoking impact. The initiator of Operation Barga was the late Benoy Krishna Choudhuri, the illustrious land reforms minister of West Bengal during the first three terms of Left Front government. But on reading...

Who Cares?

There have been attempts of late to monitor and regulate the practice of health care. Several state governments, notably Maharashtra, have tried to introduce rules and regulations and introduce mandatory licensing of all medical practitioners by 'disqualifying' the unregistered and the unqualified. What really is the degree of quality of health care available in rural Maharashtra? Who are the village practitioners?
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