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American Democracy Struggles for Recuperation

Consolidation of the white-supremacist far-right poses a persistent threat to Democracy.


Plutocracy, Populism and the 2016 American Election

Even as the plutocracies of the Republican and Democratic Party represent the same kinds of power interests, there are huge policy differences between even the most corporatist Democrats and the most “moderate” Republicans, especially on social issues. The new President, from whichever party, will have to address the power that corporate and financial institutions wield over politics in the United States. 

Nixon Goes, Presidential Absolutism Remains

Nixon's decision to resign may prove disappointing to those who thought that the entire Watergate affair was not really about Nixon but about a more fundamental issue in the American political system, i.e., the centralisation of executive power in the White House. The willingness of a number of Democrats and Republicans to consider offering immunity from prosecution to Nixon if he decided to resign dramatised their unwillingness to question seriously the absolutist powers of the American presidency. Impeachment would have certainly involved a critical examination of presideniial power

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