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Religion in Times of COVID-19

This article is an attempt to document the intersectionality of religion with COVID-19. Religion in a general sense is a reservoir of resources to which believers turn, especially in times of crisis. Religion offers explanations as to what is happening and also proposes means of mitigation. This article aims to look for highlights of these two responses from religion in different areas of the world, with a particular focus on India.

Behind the Exotica

The Kumbh Mela is composed of and made by diverse groups of people coming from different places for over the period of three months. Beyond the exotica and the acclaimed effi ciency of the mela administration, there are tens of thousands of invisible workers who sweat to make the event function smoothly. The underside of the mela reveals the gross inequality with which amenities are distributed, with tourists and big religious groups on the one side, and the working poor on the other.

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