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Realistic Interest Rates Structure

Considering the need for stimulating domestic savings through a strengthened system of banks and other financial institutions, the present structure of bank deposit and lending rates is generally realistic. The average cost of capital cannot be reduced further without hurting the development process.

Bank Supervisory Arrangements

The purpose of this paper is to examine the choice of location of prudential supervision of banks. Should central banks assume this role or should there be a unified regulator covering all financial institutions? With the growing concern among central banks about the need to maintain financial stability, can such problems be effectively tackled if regulation/ supervision is vested with the central banks? The evidence.

Sir (Abraham) Jeremy Raisman, Finance Member, Government of India (1939-45)

Sir Jeremy Raisman wore several hats in one lifetime - a successful civil servant followed by an equally distinguished corporate career, yet his towering achievements as a statesman for India's cause during the war years of 1939-45 remain unsung. His contributions that dwarfed, by any criterion, those of his predecessors in office are, however, conspicuously ignored by Indian and British historians of the Raj. But it is for his intuitive understanding of India and its economic and political fundamentals, that Sir Jeremy will remain the ideal last Viceroy India never had.

Calcutta Diary

Whatever the finance minister may say in his umpteen statements on the floor of parliament and whatever alibi the RBI and the SEBI may trot out for their lotus-eaters' indolence, nothing much is likely to change in the existing circumstances. Both the RBI and the SEBI may go through the motion of framing a new set of rules to discipline the banks and share markets in order to bring the rogues to book. All this will be for the birds. As long as the fascination for the free market does not dissipate, things will be much the same in the years to come; homage to continuity.


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