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Prices of Patented Medicines in India

Medicines with valid patents generally enjoy exemption from price regulation in most countries. In India, the Drugs (Prices Control) Order lays down the rules for regulation of prices of medicines through a National List of Essential Medicines, inserted as Schedule-I of theDPCO. While any medicine that is included in Schedule-I automatically qualifies for price regulation, theDPCO exempts patented medicines that have been developed indigenously from price control for a period of five years.Can patented molecules for emerging as well as infectious diseases be brought under price regulation in India?

Price Controls as Incentive Mechanisms

Price controls are necessary and they work. But under what circumstances do they work?

Sensible Drug Monitoring

WEEKLYECONOMIC AND POLITICAL Sensible Drug Monitoring The government has shown surprising sagacity in the formulation and announcement of the draft rules for the import and manufacture of new drugs for clinical trial or marketing. For the first time there appears to be some semblance of an organised effort towards a comprehensive
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