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Bhairabi Prasad Sahu (1957–2022)

Bhairabi Prasad Sahu made path-breaking contributions to the study of the issues ranging from the history of regions, cultural aspects of the state, and legitimation strategies in premodern India to technology and social change. He also stood out for his consistent commitment to scientifi c historiography and the idea of public university.

To Write Was to Cense

Poetics is always thought of as pertaining to the art of literary composition. However, by laying down the rules of composition, it can also condition the writer to produce socially acceptable works of art. The paper argues that kāvyaśāstra in ancient India functioned like a conditioning mechanism and persuaded the writer to voluntarily confine themself within the hegemonic limits set by the prevalent ethical and moral codes, making external controls redundant. This can perhaps explain why, unlike the different forms of restrictive forces, we have been accustomed to, at various points of history across different cultures, premodern Indian literature that is unmarked by any overt cases of censorship.

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