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Nepal: A New Flashpoint?

It is not surprising that the Nepal government is eager to brand the Maoists as terrorists and tie its actions against them to the US-led anti-terrorist campaign and obtain arms and ammunition. The Maoists have become a threat to the monarch and the ruling interests, rallying as they have the hitherto dispossessed mainly from the depressed castes from far-flung rural areas against local feudal lords.

Calcutta Diary

We cannot both applaud the defence minister's wish to get friendly with the Chinese and at the same time join the Nepal government forces to suppress the Maoists there. Either the defence minister should go back on his revisionism or he must cajole his prime minister to desist from lending active support to the Nepal government for liquidating home-bred Maoists over there.

Andhra Pradesh : Continuing Militancy in Telangana

The long-drawn political militancy in Andhra Pradesh's Telangana region has pitted the police and the People's War against each other. The resulting loss of lives, most of them innocent victims, either killed in police encounters or as punishment meted out by the Naxalites themselves, evokes little concern from either side.

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