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Israeli-Palestinian Talks: A Process without Peace

Without accepting the legitimate claims of self-determination by the Palestinians and the historical injustice suffered by them, there can be no "peace" between two unequal participants in the Israel-Palestinian "peace talks". Yet, the Barack Obama-led US administration continues to insist upon a "framework" for such talks without learning the lessons of failure from earlier US-led initiatives.

Sri Lankan Economy of War and Peace

The experience of economic liberalisation in Sri Lanka has coincided with the nearly 20-year long civil strife in the nation's north and east. An attempt is made here to trace the economic reform programme since the war began. For the economy to be brought back on track the cumbersome task of balancing the needs of long-term economic management with the immediate demands of the current ceasefire and peace initiatives has to be undertaken.


It would be easy to be dismissive about the current attempts at normalising relations between the India and Pakistan. For after all this will be seventh time in 50-odd years that the two states have seen the need for a summit. Each has come on a wave of high hope of ushering in an era of friendship and each has remained another document of intent. Even the Shimla accord failed to lay concrete groundwork for cementing relations, although it remained viable for most of 18 years. It is hardly surprising that the hopes for the July 15 summit are a trifle desperate and ring hollow.
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