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Politics of Inflammatory Oil Price Rise

Convoluted petrol and diesel taxes only fill central coffers at the expense of consumers and states.

Beginning of an End for Indexation?

The liquefied natural gas market has been in the state of oversupply since late 2014, resulting in low gas prices. This has prompted LNG traders to reconfigure the market dynamics and the contractual framework between them. Consequently, there is a visible shift from a rigid oil-linked gas price to a flexible gas-on-gas price competition, which has contributed to increased global LNG demand.

Impact of Increase in Oil Prices on Inflation and Output in India

This paper attempts to study the transmission mechanism of an increase in petroleum prices on the prices of other commodities and output in India. The paper also examines the nature and the extent of 'feedback' in such a transmission mechanism and obtains evidence of bidirectional causality between oil and non-oil inflation in India.
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