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Resettlement Sites of Narmada Valley Project

This paper analyses survey data from three resettlement sites of the Sardar Sarovar Project, and highlights the drawbacks of an official-led resettlement plan and of excluding the project-affected from the planning process. It also discovers that an experimental 'voluntary resettlement' scheme where the displaced are consulted about their preferences finds enough favour with the latter for it to be considered an alternative approach. From this perspective, it is important to consider a change in policy and attitude towards resettlement connected with all such projects around the world.

Relocating the Narmada Judgment

Relocating the Narmada Judgment A Rejoinder VIDEH UPADHYAY The search to locate the Narmada verdict

Ground Realities in Narmada Valley

The communities on the banks of the Narmada soon to be submerged continue to plough their fields which have always provided enough for themselves and their families, knowing full well that the bajra and the dal may never be harvested.

Interpreting Narmada Judgment

In judging the Narmada Bachao Andolan case, the Supreme Court, using the 'separation of powers' doctrine, side-stepped the issues of entitlement and suffering, and chose to concern itself only with the issues of relief and rehabilitation. It was only on the latter issue that the court was willing to hear the representation of the NBA. The weak interrogation of the doctrine of separation of powers allowed the court to abdicate much of its responsibility to those affected by the Narmada dam project.
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