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Pakistan: Elections: Continuity Rather Than Change

The military donning some civilian clothes and Pervez Musharraf gaining further support to his authoritarian regime are two obvious outcomes of the elections.

Thus Spake (Everyone on) General Musharraf

The importance of the new directions that general Musharraf is trying to introduce in Pakistan cannot and should not be underestimated. We should wholeheartedly welcome the new mood in Pakistan.

Pakistan : Islamic Threat to Stability

Following the Pakistan government's support to the American-led actions, the Jamaat-i-Islami, has emerged as a leading and vociferous critic of the Musharraf regime. However, as unfolding events demonstrate, and weighed down by its role in Pakistan's past, the Jamaat finds itself isolated and playing much of a lone hand.

Everyone a Fundamentalist?

The mode of expression employed by president Bush in the past few days has been startling indeed. It has not been president George Bush but St George speaking.


It would be easy to be dismissive about the current attempts at normalising relations between the India and Pakistan. For after all this will be seventh time in 50-odd years that the two states have seen the need for a summit. Each has come on a wave of high hope of ushering in an era of friendship and each has remained another document of intent. Even the Shimla accord failed to lay concrete groundwork for cementing relations, although it remained viable for most of 18 years. It is hardly surprising that the hopes for the July 15 summit are a trifle desperate and ring hollow.

Talking with Pakistan

Does the current situation - in Kashmir, in Pakistan and here in India - really justify the starting of a fresh dialogue with Pakistan or offer a modicum of hope of a dialogue yielding worthwhile results? A different view.

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