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Urdu Language and Education

Urdu education must be brought to mainstream educational institutions by overcoming the political descrimination Urdu has suffered as a virtual synonym for religious education. The issue is a political one and demands political will and strategy to address it.

Minorities, Education and Language

Review of the proceedings of an international conference to undertake a realistic appraisal of Urdu language in the formal system of education in contemporary India and to discuss ways of bringing Urdu education to mainstream educational institutions by overcoming the political discrimination Urdu has suffered as a virtual synonym for religious education.

Urdu and Madrasa Education

The association of Urdu with Muslims as their mother tongue, a post-independence phenomenon, had damaging consequences for Muslims. It alienated Muslims from areas other than north India from their regional languages and it weakened the case of Urdu for state patronage as facilities for its instruction as part of a secular syllabus could simply not be provided on an all-India level. As this paper points out and what has been seen in other aspects besides Urdu, it was in this aspiration to be an all-India community, they lost sight of what could be achieved regionally or even locally.

Madrasa Education and the Condition of Indian Muslims

The Indian nation cannot march forward with a major segment of its largest minority group remaining backward, illiterate, unenlightened and weak. It is the duty of every section of Indian society to help in the mainstreaming of this section. But the issue of modernisation of madrasa education brings up the vested interests of fundamentalist elements trying to protect their turf and the political system which strives to utilise the backward for electoral gain. Strangely, the interests of the non-secular religious groups and those of the so-called 'secular and progressive' politicians merge, reinforcing one another.

Targeting Muslim Religious Schools

Indiscriminate targeting of madrasas will only alienate minorities further and harden extremist sympathies on both sides. Besides, efforts set in motion by several madrasas to adapt to the changing educational needs of Muslims may be severely hampered.

Muslims and Education

The stereotypical definition of Muslim education ignores changing realities. Though institutions are plagued by a lack of resources, and madrasa education is still favoured by the poorer classes, the growing middle class including increasing numbers of women has increasingly turned to modern, secular education.

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