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Non-Linear Models of Social Systems

This article presents a non-linear modelling framework to capture the intricate dynamics of social systems. Within this framework it is possible to capture both gradual and abrupt transitions in social systems. In the context of social dynamics, the relevance of self-organising behaviour and complexity theory are highlighted. Social systems are essentially complex structures capable of self-organisation, exhibiting a rich variety of features like bifurcation, hysteresis and multiple equilibria. Conventional linear approach is too simplistic a framework to capture and deal with such phenomena. A number of specific models are discussed. These describe the qualitative changes in a variety of social systems they simulate and also explain the forces that govern their evolutionary behaviour.

Small Arms Proliferation in India's North-East

Insurgency in the north-east has been fuelled by the increasing proliferation of small arms in the region, and the support received from external militant outfits. Military operations will do little to curb the increased resentment in these regions; rather a willingness and desire by the centre to recognise regional and ethnic aspiration will lead to a process of reconciliation in the troubled north-east.
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