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American Left: Seduced and Abandoned?

When an indisputable villain like Saddam Hussein or Milosevic or bin Laden turns up it is no wonder many lonely leftists rally round the flag even if they know very well that every popular notion is processed by the right to serve its own purpose. This sudden feeling of national unity is a giddy experience. Has it become habit forming?

'Civic Community' and Its Margins

Analysing India's democracy demands a move beyond a study of social capital in the civic community. It calls for a focus on how the civic community seeks to 'assimilate' the political society in response to the historical separation between the two and how political society in turn tries to make use of institutions of civic community to serve its distinctly different interests. This study ventures to examine the margins of India's civic community in West Bengal - village school teachers in Purulia and Bardhaman - in relation to the classes and segments of rural society.
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