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Unpacking the ‘Industry 4.0’ Narrative and Its Implications

Examining the digital technology systems underlying the ongoing industrial transformations towards cyber–physical production systems, this article argues that the “industry 4.0” narrative prevents India from recognising that digital technologies are all mediated by information and communications technology hardware, software and other electronics products, along with other software-embedded devices/machinery. Getting entrapped in the big tech-driven industry 4.0 narrative and its neo-liberal interpretations will severely curtail India’s ability to formulate the combination of policies that will reduce forex drain from our digital consumer economy.

Is Decent Work Elusive under Globalisation and 4IR?

The global production chain has entered the phase of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The emerging countries are not immune from the trend of technology adoption either through domestic or international competition. Excessive use of technology has subdued the possibility of creating enough decent jobs for India and other emerging countries. The weakening relationship between economic and employment growth led by intense global competition and technology penetration is likely to complicate the decent employment agenda.

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