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Shrimp-Turtle Decision in WTO

This paper looks at the shrimp-turtle dispute between the US and shrimp exporting countries, including India. The US imposition of a ban on import of shrimps caught using methods endangering sea turtles has not affected Indian exports adversely. However, the ruling of the appellate body of the WTO has far-reaching implications as it virtually mainstreams environment in the world trade regime. It also legitimises the imposition of unilateral trade sanctions and process-related requirements to protect the environment.

Global Steel: Towards a Meltdown

The Bush administration's decision to impose tariffs of up to 30 per cent on steel is not only designed to save the US steel industry from imports, ostensibly for a three-year period, but also to accentuate its consolidation with massive subsidies and tax write-offs. Whether these measures will achieve their goals is open to question.
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