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Was the Indus Waters Treaty in Trouble?

The Indus Treaty between India and Pakistan has acquired a reputation internationally as a successful instance of conflict resolution. It has been working reasonably well despite a difficult political relationship between the two countries and was not abrogated even during periods of war. It appears to have survived the recent crisis as well.

An Indian in Pakistan

Some impressions of Pakistan of an Indian from a five-month stay there.

Calcutta Diary

The temptation to create a Pakistan and, by implication, a Muslim phobia was indeed very great. The stability of the government at the centre is crucially dependent upon the outcome of the assembly elections. For should the BJP fare badly, the rats will desert the sinking NDA ship in scampering hurry. The anti-Pakistan frenzy has also been helpful in quelling the reverberations of the Tehelka and coffins scandals. But the flip side of the strategic design is not easily avoidable: to achieve a strictly domestic objective, one still needs to lodge an appeal with a distant uncle.

Winnable Nuclear War?

The shrill rhetoric emanating from responsible quarters about using 'any and every weapon' to win the war against terrorism appears to be blind and deaf to the consequences of such an engagement. One way of getting out of the present quagmire is for India and Pakistan to first bilaterally put into practice the expressed desire of both India and Pakistan to persuade all nuclear weapon states to initiate steps for reducing the nuclear danger. This was the core of the UN resolution passed at the India's initiative with full support of Pakistan in 1998 and adopted by the UN General Assembly in October 2000.

India-Pakistan Relations : Delicate Juncture

After another meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security on Thursday, the government has announced further diplomatic measures to step up pressure on the Pakistan government to take action against those responsible for the December 13 terrorist attack on the parliament building. It has banned all overflights by Pakistani aircraft with effect from the new year and halved the strength of the two countries’ high commissions in Delhi and Islamabad. The government had earlier recalled its envoy to Pakistan and announced the suspension of the hopefullynamed bus and train services between the two countries. With the ban on overflights, all travel between the two countries has been stopped from the new year.

Missing the Real Issues

Rhetoric and even platitudes are necessary notes of any official policy statement. But usually the notes are the overtones of a song/symphony – not though in the government’s draft science policy statement. Drafted by a group of eminent scientists/science administrators and bureaucrats the policy, the third such statement to be issued since independence, is content to construct fetching word pictures without spelling out the processes which can reverse the steadily decreasing interest in science in the country. Even the implementation strategy document that accompanies the policy statement – an innovation, to be sure – fails to grapple with the real issues.

Calcutta Diary

Having surrendered to pax Americana, dear prime minister, you have few options left. The Indian economy is in the direst possible mess. The only way you can salvage the situation is to appeal to president Bush's sense of philanthropy. If the price for this munificence is Kashmir and full-scale Yankee arbitration over the disputed territory, we Indians have to go along. Beggars cannot simultaneously be choosers.

Calcutta Diary

India's big-brotherly dominance could be an objective reality in several of her neighbouring states, acting as a roadblock to the emergence of peace in the real sense with nations across our borders. We too will conceivably be victims of the conviction, unfounded or otherwise, that none of our neighbours appreciate our magnanimity and benevolence and that they have launched a conspiracy, jointly or severally, against us. The Hindutva stance will strengthen this belief, the defence lobby active inside the country reinforcing it further.


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