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COVID-19 and the Sugar Cane Cutter Migrants of Maharashtra

There is an urgent need to issue a policy resolution to ensure the social security and safety of sugar cane migrant labourers in the light of Covid-19 crisis. A failure to do so would lead to an absurd situation for the state, sugar industry, farmers and, more so, for the migrant labour.


Rural Migrants and Labour Segmentation

Whether people benefit sizeably by migrating from rural to urban areas is a question that has loomed large in development economics literature. Based on a primary survey carried out among slum-dwellers in Delhi, this study examines the links between duration of migration, distance of migration, occupation and the incidence of poverty. With experience, it is found that migrants are more likely to move from low income and casual jobs to high income and regular jobs, and thus undergo an increase in their standards of living.

Contract Labour in Rubber Plantations

The rubber boom in colonial south-east Asia was followed by the arrival in increasing numbers of indentured labour from other colonised areas, mainly India, to serve in the larger-scale plantations. Despite the gradual abolition of indentured labour, the contract system that took its place, perpetuated the workers' exploitation, albeit in a different manner. Free labour would arrive only with independence. Independence would also see the formation of the first labour organisations, the end of long-distance recruitment and also released the long-suffering smallholder from any restraints on production and land use.

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