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Gender in Reproductive and Child Health Policy

The ministry of health and family welfare in 1995 initiated the Reproductive and Child Health Policy which claims to be a 'gender-sensitive' policy. The present article deconstructs the notion of gender sensitivity by unpacking the ideological assumptions that underlie the text of the policy. It examines, through a qualitative analysis of documents and interviews with policy-makers, how the state positions women within its discourses of development, health and gender. Further, it also explores the implications of such positioning for women's emancipation.

Curious Decision

Some things never change. In a typically nonchalant move, ignoring past debate, medical and social facts, the health ministry has recently announced plans to introduce Net En, an injectable contraceptive on a trial basis in select medical colleges around the country. This is, no doubt, is a prelude to introducing it in the public health system, a move that the health ministry has long contemplated but has hesitated to make for a variety of reasons, not least of all, the opposition to it by women's and health groups....
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