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Parentheses of Philosophy

The authors of Gandhi and Philosophy: On Theological Anti-Politics respond to A Raghuramaraju’s review of their book published in EPW (3 August 2019), “Gandhi in the Company of Western Philosophers.”

Gandhi at 150: A Reading List on His Thought

There are a number of aspects of Gandhian philosophy that continue to be the focus of scholarly debate.

On Subjectivity in Mathematical Economics

The rapid rise in the use of mathematics in economics has often been attributed to a search for objective rigour. But if we look beyond individual models to the overall practice of mathematical economics the role that subjective judgments play becomes quite evident. This paper looks at the response to this subjectivity and addresses the issue of the quality of subjective judgments in mathematical economics.

Mahatma Gandhi's Dialogues with Americans

Gandhi never visited America, but he met and corresponded with many Americans. Showing that satyagraha had a great potentiality, he helped to awaken some of the best in American traditions, and by his explicit connection to Christ and Thoreau, he made some Americans feel that these teachings were not so foreign. Gandhi helped to invigorate the idea of non-violent resistance in the west and to politicise it as he had done in India. His connection to America called forth many courageous non-violent activists and some powerful and sensitive American writing too.

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