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Calcutta Diary

History marches on. Consider the colourless budget the union finance minister presented on the last day of last month. Even he could not but admit the sorry reality of the economy having come to a screeching halt.

An Analysis of India's Exports during the 1990s

This paper has two broad objectives: First, identify a set of factors that appear to be responsible for a significant decline in India's export growth during the post-reform era, and second, an examination of the possible impediments for high export growth in a sustained manner. The decline in Indian exports during 1996-97 was due mainly to a fall in the growth rate of export volumes. This analysis brings out the nature of demand-side factors, as against supply-side bottlenecks, that have constricted the growth of exports. However, easing of supplyside constraints too would have aided the revival of export growth.

Leather and Footwear : More Feet than Shoes

It may be a matter of opinion. But are Indians, especially in urban areas better shod than they are fed? There is really no way to get a realistic assessment about how many people use footwear, given that footwear is of such diverse descriptions – from well-finished leather to bamboo, matting and such other. However, it is certain that the over 590 lakh pairs that Bata sold in 2000 would be gracing the feet of the middle and upper middle classes especially in the urban areas.


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