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Reading ‘India Way’ in the Neighbourhood First Policy

India’s Neighbourhood First Policy is guided by ideas of moral exceptionalism rooted in particular ci­vilisational framings, but is not without strategic pragma­tism, and the case of Sri Lanka is a case in point.


New Global Order, Ethics, Niti, and Three Indian Texts

Virtue and Human Ends: Political Ideas from Indian Classics by Vasanthi Srinivasan, Orient BlackSwan, 2021; pp 216, `685.

Forging Uncharted Horizons: Navigating the Risks of AI

With its problem-solving capabilities, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could very well be the unrivalled solution to the most intractable problems of our time. However, AI might not just yet be the icing on the cake we were looking for- there are significant constraints to be considered that prevent it from being a perfect solution to all possible problems, and the debate on ethics of Artificial Intelligence remains ridden with complexities.

Unscrupulous Inequality

Can inequality be unscrupulous? If yes, what are the conditions within which such a form could become bearable, if not absolutely justifiable? It is imperative to address the first question with reference to scrupulous forms of inequality.

Ethics and Empathy within Power Structures

A response to “Ethics and Empathy: Doing Ethnography in Conflict Zones” (EPW, 16 April 2022) highlights how ethical considerations are inseparable from any research, especially so in the context of a conflict zone.

Doing Good, beyond ‘Do No Harm’

Scholars of protests must think of how they can give back to the communities they are studying and drawing knowledge from.

In Pursuit of an Ideal Bureaucracy

The concern for an ideal bureaucracy has been widely discussed in the public domain with regards to a particular response that was given by a senior administrative functionary to a young female student from Patna, Bihar.

The Use and Abuse of Oath-taking

Arguably, taking oath is an ethical virtue and perhaps also a device that, therefore, demands from the oath- taker an intense allegiance and firm commitment to norms and textualised principles that make political practices and the resultant social order decent.


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