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Political Economy of (De)Carbonisation

There is a high correlation between wealth and greenhouse gas emissions. Changing geopolitics over clean energy is replacing fossil fuel-based global power structures. Climate change is the new colonialism. Fossil fuels remain the most strategic commodity and are critical to national and international politics.


A Manifesto for Going from Billions to Trillions in Climate Finance Now

As India ascends to the Group of Twenty Presidency, internationalism is stuck. The Paris Agreement on climate change is deadlocked as countries point fi ngers at each other. Development assistance is being siphoned off into defence and foreign affairs budgets. And all the while global temperatures rise, and a silent debt crisis rips through the emerging world. Here are fi ve “asks” for India’s G20 Presidency to champion to unstick global fi nance and turn the billions being spent on addressing climate change into the trillions we need. They are highlights of what is being called the “Bridgetown Initiative” after a meeting of offi cials, academics and civil society hosted by Prime Minister Mia Mottley in Bridgetown.

Climate: The Global Commons

Climate justice followed by climate finance are the prerequisites for the success of COP26.


Remembering Martin Khor: Journalist, Lawyer, and Climate Activist

Khor contributed greatly to the development discourse of the global South. He also wrote extensively for the Economic & Political Weekly, particularly on climate change.

Climate Change Is Uninsurable, So, What Should We Do?

I have had a career that has spanned investment banking, public policy, and academia, in the early phase of my working life. As you can imagine, academia was the least, and investment banking the most, posh.

Climate Governance Requires A Systemic Overhaul For A Peaceful Future

How does the upcoming Climate Action Summit hope to hear proposals for a peaceful future when its climate governance structure lacks the necessary fail-safes to counter systemic loopholes?
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