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Caste Inequalities in Contemporary Assam

The prevalence of caste-based inequalities in contemporary Assam is examined in this article. Although scholars in the context of North East India in general have examined caste–tribe relations and racial discrimination, caste-based disparities and discrimination in Assam are yet to be explored in the academic discourse. It is argued that caste hierarchies are firmly embedded in the everyday life of Assamese society. An intersectional approach is necessary to re-examine the relation between caste inequalities and gender, tribe, and class in Assam.

Elusive Justice to Dalits in the ‘Land of Social Justice’

The recent inhuman incident of mixing human faeces in the overhead tank supplying water to Dalit colony in Vengaivayal village in Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu reflects the perpetuating violence against the Dalits. Locating this brutal violence within the larger framework of violence against Dalits in Tamil Nadu, the lackadaisical attitude of Dravidian parties when dealing with the issues related to Dalits is brought to the fore.

Harichand Thakur and the Chandals: Godhood and Socio-religious Reforms in 19th century Bengal

The 19th-century Bengal witnessed a social awakening of the Chandals who evolved gradually to more political ways of protesting. Both adaptability and resistance worked simultaneously in building collective aspiration and developing practices to achieve consciousness collectively. Their leader Harichand Thakur formulated plans of action against caste-based oppression to emancipate the Chandals and brought socio-religious transformation in the community. A strategy-oriented study of his life and activities explains reformer Harichand Thakur becoming a God.. The article finds spiritual vision motivating material changes within a community—a legacy uniting people beyond their caste, class, and gender.