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Hysterectomy as a ‘Magic Bullet’ for Gynaecological Morbidities

The increasing prevalence of hysterectomies among young women in various states of India over the past decade has raised significant concerns. The study on hysterectomy among rural women from weaker socio-economic backgrounds in a district in Maharashtra examines the factors that shape the choice of healthcare facilities. Existing studies and news reports indicate that among the various stakeholders, private practitioners unnecessarily prescribe hysterectomy for monetary interests.

The Essential Cancer Drugs

There are no public procurement programmes for cancer on the lines of those that exist for AIDS or tuberculosis. It is worth considering whether it is feasible to institute a drug procurement programme based on international/national competitive bidding or shopping, like those already in place in the National AIDS Control Organisation. If patients in developed countries are finding it difficult to survive the astronomical prices of cancer drugs, a developing country like India, with a large part of its population below the poverty line or among the middle class, is even worse affected in the battle against the disease.

Lethal Dust

For the past few months, there has been growing evidence of the hazards posed to soldiers and citizens of war-afflicted zones by the use of depleted uranium in anti-tank weapons. Increased cases of cancer and other health disorders have been reported from Iraq and from the Balkans. It is now clear that the US was aware of the potential dangers of depleted uranium, but its efforts at cover-up are, however, under increasing international scrutiny.