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Articles By Brokers

‘No Formalities Please!’ Broker Practices in the Municipal Governance of New Delhi

This paper analyses the ways in which informal mediation channels facilitate service delivery in the Citizen Service Bureaus at the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and give rise to an interplay between formal and informal institutions. In particular, the personal backgrounds of brokers as informal mediators and how they ensure their acceptance amongst service seekers are explored. Further, the motivations of the service seekers to solicit help from these mediators as well as institutional responses from the municipal administration along with other relevant actors like the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi are examined.


Dalal Middlemen and Peri-urbanisation in Nepal

In the rapid urbanisation of Kathmandu Valley’s periphery, the practices and logics of dalal middlemen are fundamental to the uneven transformation of land from agricultural to residential uses. Far more than just mediating urban change for personal profit, this ethnographic portrait of dalals illustrates their active role in producing an emerging peripheral locality through engagement with local demands, a detached state, and the growing interest of private capital.

Spotlight on Stock Markets

Regarding laypersons not reading the judgments there are two points, one is as stated by you that news articles do publish paragraphs from judgments and another point is that even in case laypersons are not reading it, the language in judgement does affect the narrative on the issue to certain extent. Plus, the institutional narrative is also formed along these lines. By istitutional narrative, I do not just mean judiciary but also the legislature and executive. If there are judges on a commission which makes certain recommendations for amendments on certain laws(and these judges are caught up in that narrative then in such case the basis for the laws and policies are going to be affected by it.