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Recent Trends in Wealth Inequality in India

An analysis of the trends in wealth ownership and its inequality in India between 1991 and 2012 using three rounds of All-India Debt and Investment Survey data reveals a greater concentration of wealth with the top 10%, particularly after 2002. A dramatic shift in the decile-wise patterns of annual growth rates of assets in favour of the top deciles, particularly the topmost, has also been witnessed. The study considers the extent of wealth inequality by sector, state, and social and religious groups as well. It is hypothesised that the rising levels of wealth inequality are deeply linked to the growth strategy being followed, by which the gains from growth have been redistributed among those who were already wealthy.

Debt and Investment Survey

The exhaustive All-India Debt and Investment Survey is an important source of information on rural credit markets for financing and policy-making bodies. Conducting the survey more frequently on a smaller scale, instead of the current decadal exercise, making it user-driven, and above all quick release of reports would improve its relevance considerably.
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